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Our vision

"All Glasgow City Region’s people and nature flourish in our future climate”

Our Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan

This is the vision behind Climate Ready Clyde's Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan (The Plan), the thinking that underpins all our ambitions for building a resilient future for Glasgow City Region. The plan is currently under development, and is due to launch in November 2020, at COP26 in Glasgow. This page will contain all the relevant information relevant as it is developed over 2019 and 2020.

Objectives of the plan

The strategy will seek to ensure Glasgow City Region’s economy, society and environment is not only prepared, but continues to flourish in the face of the impacts arising from the climate crisis. In this context, the plan has a number of aims and objectives:

  • To outline the strategic changes needed across Glasgow City Region’s communities, organisations and systems to adapt and build resilience to climate change into the 2050s.
  • To position Glasgow City Region to be ready to address the range of possible climate futures, from 1.5 to 4 degrees of warming
  • To take the early steps needed to manage long-term risks where highlighted as necessary by Climate Ready Clyde’s Climate Risk and Opportunity Assessment for Glasgow City Region

The action plan will contain the concrete actions being taken in the City Region between 2020 and 2025 that will move us towards our vision.

Our goals for 2050

There are three high level goals in the Plan that will allow us to meet our vision. This structure may be changed as we develop and build the strategy.

  1. People and communities are shaping their own lives and places in a way that means they are resilient in the face of climate change – This will focus on making sure there are processes which allow people to engage in shaping place, as well as inspiring them to participate by showing them tangible climate-ready futures
  2. Glasgow City Region is made climate ready by the way resources, services and assets are directed and used. – We will leverage our supporting infrastructure, built and natural environment, our health services, and our economy, to ensure their activities support our capacity to flourish in a future climate. In all cases, our future climate, not just the climate today guides decisions about how we use land and shape places
  3. We collectively create the right conditions for Glasgow City Region to adapt. – Adapting well depends on our adaptive capacity- our ability to collaborate, govern, innovate and fund and finance our efforts. To do this well, we need to equip people with the right skills, knowledge and abilities, as well as actionable evidence.

These goals are supported by three cross-cutting principles that will further ensure outcomes from the Plan benefit as many people as possible.

  • Equality, fairness and justice - with both the process and outcomes, being fair, equitable, and inclusive.
  • Supporting transitions – Our adaptation cannot take place in insolation from other, large scale changes that need to happen in the City Region. We will need to complement, support and reinforce roader societal transitions to net zero, a regenerative circular economy which addresses the ecological emergency, whilst also accounting for digital transformation and an aging population.
  • Supporting City Region ambitions – Our approach will support the City Region’s broader economic, social and environmental objectives, such as those in the Regional Economic Strategy, Spatial Strategy, Regional Transport Plan and Regional Marine Plan.

Impact Assessment

As part of preparing the plan, a number of impact assessments will be carried out, looking at the social, economic and environmental impacts of the plan. The various versions of these will be listed here as they become available.

Contributing to the plan

As the plan is developed, the Climate Ready Clyde secretariat will be undertaking specific consultation and engagement activities, as well as collaborating with a wide range of partners to develop actions. We are also keen to hear from organisations in Glasgow City Region that would like to collaborate with us to tackle the climate risks as set out in our Risk and Opportunity assessment. You can get in touch with us by emailing: