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Who we are

Climate Ready Clyde is a cross-sector initiative funded by the Scottish Government and 15 member organisations to create a shared vision, strategy and action plan for an adapting Glasgow City Region.

Climate Ready Clyde is governed and steered by a board comprising senior representatives from each of the funding organisations. The board is supported by a small secretariat who lead the implementation on behalf of the board.

Our Board

The function of the board is to:

Lead development of a Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan for Glasgow City Region by:

  • Collating and disseminating high-quality information and evidence about expected climate change, its impacts on Glasgow City Region and examples of suitable actions to adapt, including where appropriate commissioning research or coordinating with academic consortia.
  • Assessing and monitoring how prepared Glasgow City Region is for climate change.
  • Assisting with development of strategies, policies plans, projects and governance which affect the City Region, including by responding to key consultations.
  • Undertake actions which co-ordinate and support members to champion adaptation in the City region, in particular helping assess their climate risks and opportunities and developing adaptation plans and strategies.

Facilitate delivery of adaptation actions where feasible

Promote the value and benefits of the vision to stakeholders, and help them to take climate change as one of the long-term factors in decision making and practices.

Exchange information, experience and good practice with other organisations and cities

Engage with the media to help ensure that appropriate messages about the impacts of climate change and ways of adapting to it reach their audiences in Glasgow City Region, and to promote Climate Ready Clyde.

Influence key government bodies, to accelerate adaptation in the City Region.

Work in ways which contribute to the wider U.N. sustainable development goals and are complementary to the work of other organisations and partnerships.

To view our board members, click here.

The full terms of reference are available here.

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