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Our vision

Climate Ready Clyde has developed a Theory of Change that sets out a long-term vision for a climate ready Glasgow City Region, necessary elements required to achieve it and some guiding principles for how they should be achieved.

This Theory of Change will inform adaptation action of those who live, work and have influence in the Glasgow City Region. It has informed Climate Ready Clyde's first regional Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan for Glasgow City Region, as well as the Clyde Rebuilt project, which identified levers of change, worked with EIT Climate-KIC and world-leading experts to exchange knowledge, and developed a portfolio of innovation projects to create a flourishing Glasgow City Region that is resilient to climate change and other future shocks.

Theory of Change for a Climate Ready Glasgow City Region

You can explore the interactive digital version here or below. Click on each of the three interlinked domains of change to see each of them in more depth or scroll down for downloadable pdf formats.

Static Theory of Change formats

Additionally to the interactive version above you can also explore this Theory of Change in a few different formats:

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