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The difference we make

Climate Ready Clyde is a unique collaboration which is making a significant contribution to adaptation action in Glasgow City Region, Scotland and the world stage.

Climate Ready Clyde is supporting Glasgow City Region to flourish in its future climate by:

  • Collaborating for collective impact. Ensuring society is resilient to climate change requires us to reach across silos, sectors and agendas to create collective impact. Our members are committed to working together and with others in an innovative and inclusive way, so that CRC leads by example and effectively governs the adaptation space.
  • Informing and shaping the direction of the City Region and wider Scotland. Our members and the secretariat are at the heart of the debates and discussion of the future of the City Region and wider Scotland, helping to shape a climate resilient future, for all those who live and work in the City Region.
  • Supporting and enabling the City Region to adapt. Our work on evidence, guidance and resources, as well as on direct delivery help those in the City Region to step and go further, faster.
  • Leading in the global movement for climate action. We place Glasgow City Region’s efforts to adapt on a global stage, showcasing our leading work to inspire and support cities and regions around the world, and connecting with those who can help us accelerate our own work

What we've done in the last year is set out in detail below, with further information on previous years at the bottom of the page.

Our Impact in 2020/21

2020/21 has been a year of significant growth in action and ambition for Climate Ready Clyde. Despite the pandemic, we partnered with EIT Climate-KIC, through their Forging Resilient Regions, and our dedicated Clyde Rebuilt project to create the conditions for whole-system adaptation with an Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan and Innovation Portfolio. This involved bringing new partners to help deliver the CRC Secretariat, with Sniffer being joined by sustainability and arts charity Creative Carbon Scotland and specialist climate and economics consultancy, Paul Watkiss Associates.

Shaping the region's plans for a Green Recovery

We have shaped the Green Recovery for the City Region, developing a briefing paper on what a green recovery could look like, and identified quick (resilience) options that could deliver jobs and economic growth. This informed the Scottish Parliament’s work on a Green Recovery, and the Glasgow City Region Economic Recovery Plan, as well as emerging programmes such as the City Region housing retrofit programme and the Clyde Climate Forest, and the Regional Sustainable Procurement Strategy.

A Theory of Change for a Climate-Ready City Region

We have created a shared vision with over 100 stakeholders of what is needed to flourish in future climate, with an interactive, public output. Glasgow City Region now has a shared vision of what it would take for people, ecosystems and organisations in the region to flourish in the future climate. It sets out radically different foundations for just and inclusive adaptation in the region, which can be used to help align and guide business, public and third sectors in the region and beyond. This has garnered interest from individual organisations setting their own adaptation pathways and UK Government who are creating their own adaptation vision for COP26.

Producing our Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan

  • Through an extensive co-design process with cultural organisations and public, private and third sector, we have produced an ambitious Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan. Glasgow City Region now has a world leading adaptation strategy and a powerful action plan.
  • Above supported by a Social Impact Assessment for just and inclusive adaptation, and a Strategic Environmental Assessment.  In addition, we have developed four Strategic Business cases for early action, including a Heat Health Warning System, the canopy component of the Clyde Climate Forest, a revolving fund for housing to transfer adaptation benefits to resilience investments, and an Adaptation Finance Lab.
  • To improve the Strategy’s effectiveness, we have developed new Social Impact Assessment to identify priorities for understanding how climate change intersects with other social issues in the region. This is key for just and inclusive adaptation planning and implementation and has fed into wider plan development in Scotland/UK – we are currently in discussion with the Improvement Service on how to take this further.
  • We have also undertaken a Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Adaptation Strategy. There is a limited amount of SEA’s undertaken for adaptation strategies in UK so our work has advanced the thinking and discipline. We are now being asked by others across Scotland on how to undertake SEA in Adaptation Plans and Strategies.

A blueprint for a Portfolio of Innovation

We have identified 15 areas for innovation, where new ideas will form a portfolio of systemic change to accelerate adaptation action. These were developed through extensive co-design, systems mapping and limited Social Network Analysis over a series of workshops and events with CRC Board members, cultural organisations and public and third sector organisations to identify levers of change and the potential for innovation. Critical ideas and themes explored to address the climate risk of extreme heat through the lens of health & wellbeing, and the adaptation finance gap. To build on this, we also reviewed relevant innovation projects and initiatives from around the world to learn from and build upon.

The Portfolio should address heat-related climate risks and wider systemic challenges, and should place GCR as a world leader in adaptation, setting a strong platform for leadership for COP26: also relevant for wider Scotland and UK.  It complements the work and aspirations of many current and emerging initiatives, in GCR and Scotland, such as Clyde Mission.  We have also developed strong relations and connections with a number of organisations and groups for collaboration and partnership in the implementation stage.  Finally, the methodology can be replicated and applied to other systems and climate risks as the process matures and scales.

Developing funding and financing approaches to underpin adaptation action

We developed a Resource Mobilisation Plan to fund and finance the Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan and the ideas in the Innovation Portfolio. We reviewed the funding landscape for adaptation in Scotland and developed 8 new business models, focusing on those that have the potential to attract private sector finance. The CRC secretariat identified how they support the Innovation Portfolio through an integrated finance approach, including governance of the financing (CRC hub) and a platform to trigger innovation (adaptation finance lab).

This approach provides learning for other Local Authorities in Scotland looking to deliver on adaptation, and for the delivery of the EU’s Adaptation Mission in 200 regions across EU.

New funding opportunities progressed

We worked with EIT Climate KIC, Creative Carbon Scotland and Paul Watkiss to submit a €15m funding bid to the European Green deal. Although it was not successful, the bid further developed our thinking on Adaptation Finance Lab and a new method for Creative Community Empowerment, and we are now seeking alternative funding for their implementation.

Wider stakeholder engagement through culture and cultural organisations

  • A significant part of our work has been about bringing new partners and stakeholders into adaptation work in the City Region. We have engaged with cultural organisations in Glasgow City Region as well as communications about the Clyde Rebuilt project through website, blogs etc read widely by cultural organisations across Scotland and further afield/
  • As part of this, we have co-designed and held three events: Glasgow Women’s Library and Rig Arts – both aimed at empowering communities of interest and of geography, respectively – and Lateral North, an architectural collective working on post-pandemic re-building. These attracted approx. 300 individual attendees, and included topics as diverse as the relationships between migration, colonialism and adaptation; the potential for a Clyde Forest; and working with local community-focused agencies on adaptation.
  • This work has increased awareness, engagement with, and desire for participation and influence in adaptation decision making by cultural organisations and their audiences.
  • It also increased understanding by adaptation professionals who attended the events of the relevance of cultural organisations and their audiences to the adaptation process, and increased awareness and understanding by individuals of their role in ensuring Glasgow City Region’s ability to flourish in a changed climate.
  • Finally, we created three short films showcasing our work – one on the overall Adaptation Strategy and Portfolio Process, one on the role of finance, and a third on cultural involvement in adaptation.

This co-design approach to working with third party organisations enables and empowers them to create events which then empowers their audiences in adaptation work. This could be applied more widely to other sorts of organisations.

Working out what transformational adaptation looks like... 

To inform our Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan and Innovation Portfolio, we undertook an in-depth review of literature on the barriers to more transformational adaptation – and summarised this into a briefing note on what Transformational Adaptation Looks like.

This will help to brief and build capacity of organisations and individuals for Glasgow City Region on the changes we’re looking to create, and other regions in Scotland and globally as they plan to take bolder transformational approaches.

Increasing awareness of climate impacts, and the profile of Climate Ready Clyde and Glasgow City Region's adaptation approach 

We have engaged with local, national and international media to ensure coverage of climate impacts and Climate Ready Clyde, including BBC, Forbes and Sky. This has resulted in wider awareness in the public of the need for adaptation, as well as increased awareness of Climate Ready Clyde. It has also contributed to Glasgow City Region’s reputation for climate change adaptation.

Our previous impact

You can read more about our past work in our previous impact reports:

2018/19 Impact Report (opens in new window)

2017/18 Impact Report (opens in new window)


Climate Ready Clyde is also funded by EIT Climate-KIC


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