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Cultural Adaptations is a Creative Europe project, led by Creative Carbon Scotland with partners in three EU countries, on culture’s role in society’s adaptation to climate, and the Adaptation issues that cultural organisations need to think about.

The Project

Cultural Adaptations is a co-operation project funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, running from October 2018 to March 2021, and led by Creative Carbon Scotland. The project focuses on culture’s role in society’s adaptation to climate change, and the Adaptation issues that cultural organisations themselves need to think about.

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The Partners

Four cultural organisations will explore collaboratively how this approach can work in countries with similar climate challenges but differing socio-political frameworks. Each Cultural Partner is working with a local Adaptation Partner on the project:

Project Activities

Over the 30-month project, there are a number of activities that will take place to explore different aspects of the project:

  • Each pairing of Cultural and Adaptation Partner will develop a methodology for managers of local cultural SMEs to enable them to develop and implement climate change adaptation strategies.
  • To test how artists can help provide new ways of thinking, fresh perspectives and different approaches to the challenges of adapting to climate change, each pairing will also place an artist in an adaptation project as an embedded artist project.

Each pairing will organise a meeting attended by all the Partners, who will participate in a workshop to disseminate the methodology to local cultural managers and a review of the Embedded Artist Project.

In addition, several overarching activities will take place, based in Scotland but focused internationally:

  • Two evaluators, one from a cultural and one from a sociology background, will also attend all four of these Transnational Meetings to help assess and gather the learning from the activities.
  • An international conference will be held in Scotland in October 2020 to bring together and disseminate the cumulative project learning.
  • Through the project Creative Carbon Scotland will produce a Toolkit and supporting Digital Resource to enable cultural and adaptation actors across Europe and further afield to develop their own Adaptation Strategies and benefit wider society by running Embedded Artist projects.

Cultural Adaptations has attracted strong evidence of demand for its outputs, with the Scottish Government’s Climate Change division committing significant funding to support the conference, the four local adaptation partners committing their staff time over 30 months and the ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) network committing to attending all the Transnational Meetings and the Conference to help with communicating the project outputs to a world-wide audience.

Find out more on the Cultural Adaptations website. 

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Cultural Adaptations (EUCAN) is co-funded with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the Scottish Government.

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