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Who we are

Climate Ready Clyde is a leading cross-sector initiative funded by 13 member organisations and supported by the Scottish Government to create and deliver a shared vision, strategy and action plan for an adapting Glasgow City Region.

In May 2022 we adopted a new governance structure to help take transformative climate adaptation action in the region action to the next level. This collaborative structure includes an Action Group, a Technical Secretariat, and Independent Ambassadors.

We are actively seeking to grow our membership to increase diversity and representation across all sectors, including business and civil society.

Action Group

The Action Group represents funding organisations, and its members have the seniority, networks and capacity to:

  • Collaboratively drive delivery of the Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan, working with other partners and identifying new opportunities
  • Provide oversight, strategic direction and scrutiny of the Technical Secretariat, taking key decisions to ensure greatest impact
  • Build connections with and influence other initiatives within Glasgow City Region and beyond

Find out more about our Action Group members.

Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat, provided by sustainability charity Sniffer, acts as a catalyst to create the enabling environment for transformative adaptation, by:

  • Supporting, informing and facilitating the work of the Action Group, collaborating with delivery partners, reporting on progress and liaising with Ambassadors
  • Implementing the communications and engagement strategy
  • Identifying and progressing new funding and resourcing opportunities
  • Embedding innovation and good practice and playing an active role in horizon-scanning
  • Establishing frameworks to monitor and evaluate progress, and embed learning

Independent Ambassadors

Our Independent Ambassadors will champion adaptation action, promote Climate Ready Clyde and provide further accountability by:

  • Raising the profile of Climate Ready Clyde and the Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan, including in the media and with regional leaders
  • Providing scrutiny and strategic advice to the work of the Action Group and Technical Secretariat

James Curran, former Climate Ready Clyde Chair, is our first interim Ambassador. We will be recruiting further ambassadors later this year.

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