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Welcome to Climate Ready Clyde

Building a more resilient, prosperous and fairer Glasgow City Region

1.8 million people live, work and play in the Glasgow City Region. A large number of businesses and organisations are based here. Increasingly these are impacted by the effects of climate change, both directly in the Glasgow City Region, and from changes happening around the world. Climate Ready Clyde.

Through our work we are creating the conditions for a regional transformation, building our collective evidence base and capacity, and producing a Strategy and Action plan to make it happen.

Climate Ready Clyde (CRC) is a cross-sector initiative funded by fifteen member organizations and supported by the Scottish Government to create a shared vision, strategy and action plan for an adapting Glasgow City Region.


Climate Ready Clyde is managed by sustainability charity Sniffer.


Climate Ready Clyde is also funded by EIT Climate-KIC


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