Delivering a Climate Neutral, Climate Resilient Glasgow City Innovation District

Climate Ready Clyde is involved in the steering group for the University of Strathclyde’s Climate Neutral, Climate Resilient Innovation District for Glasgow. Transforming our city and region to make it climate resilient and carbon neutral is going to take some radical thinking and decision making. The University of Strathclyde is leading a significant piece of technical work in partnership with Glasgow City Council and a range of stakeholders in the city and region to bring forward the vision of a climate neutral city Innovation District. This work will determine how best to combine a set of innovative solutions that together create a 100% renewable energy system delivering power, heat, transport solutions, climate adaptation, wellbeing and social inclusion within the Glasgow City Innovation District (the “District”).

The work will be focused on creating a ‘whole systems’ approach within the area of the District and neighbouring communities. The work will consider how already funded projects and plans for infrastructure change can be transformed into climate neutral actions. The outputs due in March 2021 will include a strong focus on emissions reduction and positive impact, deployment at scale, community engagement and social inclusion. There will also be consideration of the potential for learning, teaching and research opportunities.

Technical feasibility work includes the commercial and financial arrangements as well as the replicability of the solutions and systems across the city, region and wider application. Taken together, this approach will set out a pathway for delivery of Scotland’s first climate neutral Innovation District in the heart of Glasgow.

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