Our vision for Glasgow and the Clyde Valley

Scotland’s climate is changing. We have also seen this in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley. Over the last few decades it has become warmer and wetter.

We have had an increase in rainfall, especially in winter, and more heavy downpours. This can be very challenging to deal with, especially when heavy rainfall causes flooding. As a region we are already taking action to deal with changes in climate but we know that much more needs to be done. The climate change we expect in the future is far greater than anything we have experienced in the past. We must work together to meet this challenge.

The measures that we take to build resilience to climate – both current and future – will reduce the direct impact from climate-related events (e.g. flooding or heat waves), and
have benefits for our economy, environment and society. People are at the heart of a Climate Ready Clyde as we set out a vision for our future with a changing climate.

Download the publication here: Climate Ready Clyde – Our vision

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