Risk and Opportunity Assessment Workshop

On 8 November 2017 the Climate Ready Clyde Secretariat hosted a workshop at the
Lighthouse in Glasgow to give local stakeholders the chance to review and add insight to
ongoing work to create the first Climate Risk and Opportunity Assessment for the Glasgow
City Region. The purpose of the day was to share the initial findings of a desk-based
evidence review on climate risks and opportunities, gather insight from participants to
refine this data, develop relationships between stakeholders, and trial a new risk
visualisation methodology.

From the desk-based review, 82 climate change risks and opportunities were identified for
the Glasgow City Region (made up of 67 risks and 15 opportunities). Following the
methodology used by the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment – Summary for Scotland,
these risks and opportunities were split into five themes: Natural Environment, Business &
Industry, Infrastructure, Built Environment, and Communities & Health. In the first of two
workshop activities, participants spent two sessions ranking the risks and opportunities in a
given theme by order of importance to the City Region. The key areas identified as
Extremely Important after the two sessions are given in the table below with the full ranking
of risks and opportunities and points of discussion between stakeholders given in Section 5.

Download the publication here: Risk and Opportunity Assessment Workshop

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